(This is our first review for our first order... I am soo happy.)

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful service! I'm telling all my friends and family about you. My order
arrived today from Vegetable Garden and, Oh, my Goddess!!! It is soooo delicious!!! Would you believe I
tried a couple of bites right out of the box, cold, and it was amazing! Once I heated it up it was even
I told my husband it was delivery and he asked from where. I told him a restaurant I'd just heard about
called Vegetable Garden... In Maryland... It took him a minute and then he had a billion questions. With
food this good I just might be able to push him to veg, too!
I'll be back and will try to recruit family & friends to join me for some great food. Thank you again!"

Alice D.  New Jersey


"... a terrific surprise for my wife and son.  The quality of the food was almost as good as when I've had
it at the Vegetable Garden itself.  I say almost as good because I actually had to press the start button
on the microwave, and when I'm at the Vegetable Garden I just have to sit around and the food arrives! .
. .It is really great to hear that you will be adding more places.  My wife commented last night after we
finished dinner that she could see us doing this again and again. "

David A.  Pennsylvania


"... offerings from Lovin' Spoonfuls - ... phenomenal!!! In my mind, those of us who didn't grow up
vegetarian, but who came to it through compassion later in life, often find we miss certain textures from
our non-veg days. I was a total shrimp fiend often ordering shrimp cocktail followed by a fried shrimp
dinner and I find I really miss shrimp and often found myself wishing for a veg version of shrimp. I'd
heard rumors, but I'd never seen any before so when I saw fried shrimp on the Lovin' Spoonfuls menu I
*had*  to try it. Am I ever glad I did! I couldn't believe the taste and texture! It was exactly what I'd
been missing! And cruelty free!!! And the sauce that went with it was better than any I'd ever tasted.
The whole experience was just amazing! Even my non-veg husband couldn't believe it (and with food like
this, I may just be able to get him to go veg!). I encourage anyone who used to love shrimp to try this -
it is most excellent!!!

And then there was the bacon-cheeseburger. Again, truly amazing! I've not had anything so close to the
"real thing" in the eight years I've been veg. The texture and flavor of the entire burger was exactly
right! None of the drawbacks often found with other veggie burgers (too grainy, too veggie, too heavy, too
light, too much like cardboard, etc.) - just perfect! And the care putting it together even though it was
travelling many, many miles! Lettuce, tomato, pickles packaged together so they stayed fresh and a
delicious bun. And the directions for reheating took nothing away from the flavor or freshness.

I'm definitely coming back for more from BuyKind and I wholly urge everyone to give it a try, you won't be
disappointed! And I also urge vegan restaurateurs to join in this endeavor and share the wealth with the
rest of us! BuyKind is a great idea, run by a really great person, and deserves all the support we can

Keep up the great work!"

Alice D.  New Jersey


"... we enjoyed everything, but I have to give extra praise for the Tempura "Shrimp".  They were
fantastic! ... my favorite. I'll definitely be ordering again."

Laura J.


" Well, we had our meals for dinner on Saturday evening and they were FABULOUS!  Literally, we couldn't
stand how delicious they were!  I had the Mediterranean meal and Adam had the BBQ one.  Delicious!  ...
The food was just fabulous and we can't wait to eat more of it!  We will definitely order again in the

Megan S.  Madison Wisconsin

"My 2cents -

I have tried food from Millennium in San Francisco (seductively divine), The Red Avocado in Iowa City (who
would have thought something so tasty and luciously vegan could possibly come from Iowa? ---loved the
vegan cheesecake!!!) and Lovin' Spoonfuls in Tuscon. . .i have to say, now that i have eaten Peggy's (Lovin'
Spoonfuls) amazing food artistry. . .i will have a tough time ordering from any other restaurant. . .She is
a master of the faux. . .[i swear, if i had a magnifying glass, i would have examined my meal!] you name
it- she's can do it! "Chick'n" Nuggets, "Shrimp" Tempura, "Bacon Cheese Burger"!!!! HOly TasTE Batman. .
.my mouth is exploding. . .  (this is all with out going into detail about the desserts- which are out of this

ALSO, no one has mentioned the coffee or the wine yet! perfection! i'm in love-  i can't wait to see which
restaurants will be joining in on the fun next! There are soooooo many delicious veg restaurants that i am
on the edge of my dining chair in anticipation for!

UH! i can't stand it--- i'm going to go order some food. . .
keep up the great work!"

Pippi from Karma Kitchen, Colorado Springs Colorado


"It was a dark stormy night, I crept into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door and
SCREAMED...in delight. There  was a bacon cheeseburger from AZ, Lovin Spoonfuls, which was my
roommates. I had
never had the opportunity to eat one of their burgers before.  I remember my roommate saying it was
best to heat them up in the oven.  So I grabbed the patty w/ cheese and bacon and put it into the toaster
oven and then put the lightly buttered buns into the pop up toaster.  My mouth was salivating as the buns
and patty heated up.

The first bite was nothing I expected...hearty, healthy and absolutely delicious.  I took the wonderful
beautiful vegan potato salad and put between the top bun and the juicy patty.  I took a large
mouthful....God Don't Stop ....this is the most exquisite thing that has touched my lonely mouth since my
first kiss.

Before I knew it it was all over....and I was standing alone wanting more."

Monica   Poynette Wisconsin


"I had the tempura shrimp and the golden nuggets and I could eat them both every day for the rest of
my life. Theee best!!!  I have never tried real shrimp, and honestly never will, and I was a little scared
cause it did look like the real the thing, but they taste so good and the sauces for both the nuggets and
tempura should be packaged and sold in bulk. I would put both on everything yummy!!!"

Dee R.  Poynette Wisconsin

Please do not hesitate to call or write if there is
anything with which we can help!!