Oh cherished and enlightened guest, fellow adventurer into the world of kindness,
BUYKIND.COM hereby cordially invites YOU (pretend this is a scroll of homemade
banana leaf paper that you've just unfurled with a hand written note) to be on the
exclusive - well actually anyone can sign up,  it's just,  I think this is going to be a
list of the exceptional - list  of  friends  who'll  be joining us for THE DINNER
PARTY... ezine.   Signing  up  puts  your name on the private list of buykind friends
who'll receive... ummm... stuff about buykind.  We don't know yet what that stuff will
be  but  this  just  adds  to  the  excitement.    (Get  ready, we  are very creative!!!)
Maybe  here  we will publish words from you and, oh  yes yes yes, I want to publish  
gorgeous  photos  of  the  animals  who have been your beloveds, your inspiration,
your  teachers,  friends  and  family.   Actually,  who  knows what will happen at the  
crazy Dinner Party, one  great big adventure,  so sign up now and you'll not miss a
singe  moment  of  the  unfolding  drama and high-adventure of the
Dinner Party... ezine.

We love you - all  the  good  that  you do for this world .  We  love to spread joy.  
Joy  is  the  energy  that'll  change the world into a shiny happy place chock full 'o
kindness and beauty.   Come have a fabulous time at the buykind dinner party.


Oh, and we at
buykind respect your privacy and will not be using your information
for anything un-
buykind related with out your permission.
Sign up and give a call.  We want to give you a lil' sum'in sum'in.  Mention 'the Dinner Party' and we will give you a $5 gift
certificate to use towards your next
buykind dinner party.  We love to share.  Thank you for being being kind to animals.
YES, I with great anticipation accept the
Dinner Party invitation.  It'll be much fun... maybe
and, if not at least I get free stuff.
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Do something, anything, EVERYTHING to make a difference.  
Choose Love.  From this choice - unrelenting unwavering courage choosing love in the face of terror - comes the power to make a difference.  

Make a difference.  

It is why you were born.

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