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"A Word from the Organic Wine Company"

Vegan Wines
Awareness about vegetarian and vegan issues around the world was heightened, particularly in
the United Kingdom, in the light of BSE or "mad cow disease". Both organic and non-organic
winemakers frequently use animal products during production to clear or "fine" the wine to keep
it from turning cloudy for example, or to remove "off" tastes and flavors.

All our wines are vegetarian friendly, since the only fining agents used are derived from milk
and eggs (caseine and albumine). However, following the growing demand, our list of vegan wines
is growing steadily.

For a wine to be classified as vegan, no animal derived products of any kind can be used in the
clarification/fining process. We carry a selection of organic/vegan red, white, sparkling and
dessert wines, and we offer a Vegan 3-bottle sampler.

It is the agents used during the fining process that determines the suitability of wine for vegans.
Fining works by electrostatic attraction - if the element in the wine that needs to be removed
has a negative charge, then a fining agent with a positive charge will be added. The fining agent
thus acts as a magnet, and collects the unwanted matter in the wine, which sinks to the bottom
of the tank. Then the clear wine is racked or decanted off the sediment into a clean tank. Only
minute traces if any are left in the finished wine.

Common fining agents that are not derived from animals and are thus suitable for vegan wine
drinkers include: bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, carbon, and kaolin (similar to bentonite clay).
For a wine to be classified as vegan, however, no animal derived products of any kind can be used
in the clarification/fining process. Agents of animal origin commonly used range from egg whites,
egg albumin, casein (milk protein), chitin (obtained from lobster and crab shells), gelatin (derived
from animal bones) and isinglass (a fish by-product). For this reason, we have included and
identified wines that are suitable for vegans.

It should be noted that while a wine may be suitable for vegans in one vintage, in the following
vintage the same producer might decide to use an animal derived fining agent. So, if in doubt about
the vegan status of wine you wish to drink, it is wise to check directly with the producer or the

All of our vegan wines are listed in a separate category on our wine list for your convenience. We
carry a selection of organic/vegan red, white, sparkling and dessert wines, as well as offer a Vegan
3-bottle SAMPLER. Browse our selection online. If you have any other questions or concerns, please
feel free to e-mail us at:
The Organic Wine Company
1592 Union Street, #350
San Francisco, CA 94123
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