Dear and Gracious Guest,

When our newly founded company, Five Goats Communi-
cations in Honor of Zorro, was preparing for the first
meeting to brainstorm this project, the first task was to
make notes about the goal.  Why are we doing this?  What
do we want to accomplish?  Why is it worth our time?

After that most important quiet in which, yes, I did try to pray
or meditate or whatever that word is for opening one's heart
to bring word from Light, followed an almost exact version
of what flowed onto the page like rain, quickly… all there.  
(Parenthetical comments are a later additions):

"Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Love one and other... ALL others.

End suffering.  Illuminate joy.

From here we free all, open up a canvas untarnished,
undone, on which limitless unimagined joy and beauty - the
creation of unimagined joy and beauty - beckons and
challenges and upon completion dazzles.

From what was put squarely totally unexpectedly into my lap
as a challenge, the reason I am here...(please see www. to read an excerpt of
the amazing story that changed my life - if interested in a
copy of the book let us know... It's a really great story!!!) …
from the challenge of rescuing and bringing to joy the most
harmed by the ignorant barbaric cruelty of man, farm
animals… all animals suffering at the hands of chosen
human cruelty; the hunted, the lab tested, the bred and sold
and bought…comes the first challenge and the path.
(Please see - an idea with
incredible potentialto help animals in need, and in need of
your help.)   And through the "coincidence" - I call it angel
choreography  - of that which comes unplanned,
unimagined into my life, the so astonishing and joyous gift
of an answer needed at that exact moment, to a question
sometimes not even realized, often through others who
shine with a brave heart, filling in more parts of the puzzle:
Through the exceptional now the idea blossoming into such
potential, the actual fuel for the challenge through dollars
which come from - SUCH BEAUTIFUL WONDER - an idea
which opens a gorgeous path for the freedom of capitalism,
to support, showcase, others who create  the best - simple
pure uncompromised kindness and beauty: An idea that
lights a path, previously without even a sliver of moonlight,
for the "untapped wealth of kindness"  to be able to make a
difference by support, purchase and enjoyment of the best
that man has to offer while changing the world dramatically
in the process.  The dazzling brilliance of creation which
this opens…

I smile."

So… that was the beginning. WE CAN TRULY MAKE A
DIFFERENCE. Choose kindness.  Always.  Be vegan.  
Treat yourself and others with an order from us!  Your
support and purchase from is
so very appreciated and will help make a better world.  

For the most vulnerable innocent defenseless beautiful and
tortured, the animals - because this fight is what matters
and with it's triumph the foundation from which the  world
can heal.
as always